social lite

But don’t think you were born too late. Everyone has that illusion… The only problem is if you think too late.

– Diana Vreeland


I’m at a party. A costume party with a 1921 theme, and I meet this guy. Oh, how I’d love that to be the story I could tell one day of how I met my husband of fifty years – but back to the party. I soon realize that this guy thinks I’m about 8 years younger than I am, and I thought he was about 8 years older than he is. The look on my face when I tell him when I graduated high school was priceless. I’d forgotten what if felt like to think thirty-something, even thirty, was old. I was about his age.

The first time I really saw the divide begin to show was when the conversation turned to Facebook. He and his friend (who did look his age) were trying to convince me that email was over. It was all about Facebook.

Now I like Facebook. But I can live without Facebook. To my own surprise, twitter has become my social network of choice. It’s so brilliantly simple and to the point. My favorite thing about Facebook was the feature that allowed me to post links to articles I read, blogs posts worth sharing — the sort of thing I do all the time on twitter without having to build a single farm.

Hollywood Housewife, who I follow on twitter, was just writing about twitter and I think she got right to the point: “Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life.” (I saw her post as I was writing this one…only connect, indeed).

And, if The Social Network, which really has nothing to do with Facebook, taught me anything about Facebook, it’s that I don’t really want 500 million friends. I’m pretty grateful for the ones I have now and a few more would be fabulous. But I like to talk to people, not collect them. And I prefer sharing a moment caught via Instagram over 72 photos from my last vacation. (Remember when people used to hate those people that had them over for slideshows? Facebook was making me into that person.)

In fashion, they always talk about what makes a classic: they’re versatile, streamlined, functional yet fabulous. Twitter is all that, plus it gives me CNN updates.

Maybe I was born too late. I’m still a letter writer. I like to pick up the phone and say hello. I write down my appointments in a datebook. With a pen. From a store full of paper loveliness that makes me happy. And, somehow, Twitter seems to compliment that.

Plus, for a chatterbox like me, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I can get across in 140 characters or less. When I need more, I’ll send an email. Because old people, like me, use email. xo a.


3 thoughts on “social lite

  1. Peter Tonguette

    The blog looks great! Related to what you write here: did you see the article in The New York Times about how, apparently, no one talks on the phone anymore? I found this very disturbing, though not true in my own experience. It would be like preferring email to letters in the mail. I don’t get it. I remain, in Zadie Smith’s formulation, a Person 1.0.

  2. Miss B.

    Congrats my dear! The blog looks fab and I can’t wait to read all your witty observations. Please make sure to add lot’s of photo’s of Frenchie’s!


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