ducks gone amok: getting organized with purgeday thursday

My friend Morgan is many things – wife, mother, daughter, sister, writer, blogger – and now, she adds yet another title to her long list of great skills: motivator of the disorganized.

As a writer/photographer/copyeditor/designer, I’m always juggling various projects. And until quite recently, I was pretty good at keeping all my ducks in a row (my calligraphy business is called TYPE A for a reason). But in the last year, filled with a number of big projects and a lot of travel, I found myself suddenly becoming that girl with the overflowing inbox, Post-it’s posted atop Post-it’s, and a neverending pile of papers to file.

Me. The girl who on more than one occasion has been called upon to help others to organize their offices, closets and nurseries. Who goes gaga for Russell and Hazel and  trips to The Container Store. Who finds calm in organizing bookshelves by color and reorganizing the linen closet. Who kept her ducks in a row.

But somehow the ducks got out of control, more like the bitchy geese that ruled the small farm at my high school (yes, a farm in LA). Those geese were fierce, and it was best you just stayed away and let them do their own thing.

So, with Morgan’s brilliant idea to create PURGEDAY THURSDAY, and with her amazing partner in crime, Beth from BNEATO, I just might get these ducks back on track.

First up, my TO FILE trays that runneth over – I know that half the crap in there I don’t need and will never reference again (the danger of writing is you find inspiration everywhere, inspiration you file away but never actually look at again). And so, my goals for the week are to a) reorganize this whole TO FILE mess into something manageable, b) cut the Post-it habit, and c) clean out my email inbox (which may seem harmless but paperless chaos is chaos nonetheless).

As hard as it is to keep myself out of office supply stores and stationers, I’m also planning to see what I can repurpose – starting with a mag rack that will work beautifully for an active filing system (thank you, Beth). And using my favorite accordion files to organize the stacks of inspiration wallowing in filing purgatory.

My shredder will be working overtime this week.

Feel free to link up and join in because this is best done in groups (kind of like that gym buddy I always say I’m going to get…only this time I’m doing it).

Those ducks don’t scare me (but the geese still totally do).  xo a.



3 thoughts on “ducks gone amok: getting organized with purgeday thursday

  1. Peter Tonguette

    Good luck with purgeday. As writers, there are few things more satisfying than actually. putting. files. away. for. good.

    Re: collecting quotes: they also come in handy if you ever find yourself in need of an epigraph for the beginning of a book, article, or, indeed, blog entry!


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