Purgeday Thursday (Yes, I know it’s Friday)



If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door greet him with, “Who could have done this? We have no enemies.”

– Phyllis Diller


One tricky aspect of freelancing is you never know when a new project will come along. Work is always a thing to celebrate – sometimes it’s even parade worthy. But my calendar was packed this topsy-turvy week, and then a stupid cold slowed me down. And so, after lots of excuses, Purgeday Thursday – the Friday edition. xo a.

First off, my lack of a ‘before’ desk pic last week. In the midst of taxes and two design projects, I didn’t take pictures of my desk because doing so would  have meant styling it (remove client project mockups b.c. I don’t think they’d be pleased to see them online, plus 1099s and other various tax-related papers that scream id theft) – to style it seemed like a total cheat. Here’s the desktop today (electronics charging, Post-Its overload, papers that should be filed):

Speaking of desks, a year ago I moved my beloved Jerry McCabe desk into my bedroom and now my office desk, from west elm, is half the depth (maybe more than half). In the same way that the bigger my purse, the more stuff I carry, this strategy has totally paid off.

But my desk still has more clutter than I want. And because I shift gears (from writing to photography to calligraphy to design), I need a space that adapts with my working day.

The good:
– I only bought what I needed at Staples (shock. awe.): extra file folders + a new shredder. Old bulky shredder was only brought out for marathon shred sessions and my “to shred” bin overflowed. This small one fits next to my desk, and it’s on sale.

– I took a look at the items I use the most every day and put them in a little lacquer box on my desk. They always end up on my desk anyway, but now they’re contained.

– I made active folders using masking tape tabs so I can change them up when needed. (I still need to hang the mag rack I’m repurposing to hold the files).

The bad and the ugly (aka What would Beth do?):

– I can’t seem to kick the Post-It habit. Even with a wipe off board and computer Stickies. It’s bad.

– I need to clean out the drawers of pens/paper goods/photo paper because it’s too much. Do I store it for later or donate and just buy it when I need it next?

– I really need a better system for organizing receipts. (Does a pretty box even count as a system?)


– I got this and I really, really want to use it. Trying to decide how to do so responsibly. Because I know I don’t need more Stockholm boxes even if I love them.


Join us, won’t you?



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