Thursday Purgeday: More Stuff


The superfluous, a very necessary thing. – Voltaire

A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. – George Carlin


I like stuff. I am a sentimental fool and a writer, which means I find meaning in all sorts of ephemera. And I’m no minimalist. No doubt about it. I have more coffee table books than coffee tables to stack them upon, and surely, the large cork inspiration board in my office, based on square footage alone, should have me filled with ideas me 24/7.

But when I look around, I happen to love that most things I have mean something to me – they have a story, a memory attached. But not everything.

Sometimes it’s just simply stuff taking up space in drawers.

And so, as part of TEAM PURGEDAY THURSDAY, I’m working hard to cut the crap that fills my office drawers. (Let’s not even get started on those Expedit pull-out bins that are as roomy as Mary Poppins carpet bag.)


A Tootsie Roll pop? Really I can't even eat them (the joy of food allergies).


I emptied the contents of this particular Bermuda Triangle and can’t tell what shocked me more: that it could hold so much crap or that I actually had that much crap, period. (Um, yes, that is just one drawer that appears to have exploded like a Staples pinata all over my carpet.)


I’m picky about what I write with (though the photos may beg to differ). I took what I use most and put that aside for desktop use, then weeded through the rest, and stored the doubles (and triples) in a hanging shoe bag I keep filled with office stuff. (I chucked the broken pens, the eraser-less pencils, the pens that come with swag bags, and recycled whatever I could.)

The pup came in about halfway through, as I was testing pens to see if they worked. He eyed me the way I think I looked watching those Extreme Couponers on TLC – it wasn’t good.


I put what I use all the time in a cup I keep on my desk, and the rest went back in the drawer. Only it really wasn’t all that much. The Sharpies, the wipe-off board markers, batteries, some notepads – all visible.


So, while I still continue to destroy forests with my Post-Its, and I attempt to find the most efficient way to file away receipts and other nonsense, this tiny segment of the universe is totally under control.

Oh, TEAM PURGEDAY, thanks for the peer pressure inspiration. It’s working. xo a.

Join the club.

And, by the way, if you’ve yet to hear the iTunes chart-topping Sweet Water Child: Lullabies for Getty, I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and go here, right now. All proceeds benefit The Getty Owl Foundation.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Purgeday: More Stuff

  1. apol

    I’m afraid to open my drawers sometimes because they look just your first shots. Great job, it’s beautiful now!! Also, those shoes are killer!

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