Check, please: Thursday Purgeday with the818

It’s not the tragedies that kill us, it’s the messes. – Dorothy Parker

I used to be really, really organized. Really. For years I worked as a writer and editor and was pretty good at juggling the projects and the paperwork.

About six years ago, my love of photography unexpectedly (in a good way) went from hobby to second career, and the files grew. But it was a good balance.

These days, I’ve got paper everywhere. Literally everywhere. After years of penning invites and cards for friends and family, TYPE A Modern Calligraphy was born in 2010.

Writing, photos, more writing. I love the variety. I do. But the paper runneth over. And I need to streamline things. Starting with receipts.

I’m trying to decide how to handle this one corner of the paper circus.

Now there are scanners made just for the purpose of storing and organizing receipts, but they aren’t cheap. And since I don’t scan receipts with the scanner I have, would I actually get use out of this one? I’d like to think so, and I love the idea of the NeatReceipts product line for eco reasons, too.

While I mull over whether or not to buy the NeatReceipts scanner that just might magically streamline everything and make my life complete, I figured it might be worth attempting to create some system, any system, for receipts.

(If anyone uses NeatReceipts, do tell. Is it as good as it looks?)

Keeping receipts in boxes doesn’t qualify as a system. Systems don’t require sorting through a Bermuda Triangle of fading thermal paper to find the tracking number on a package you sent last week (another reason why the NeatReceipts idea works for me – hate thermal paper even sans BPA).

So, in keeping with Beth’s Purgeday Thursday advice to use what you have, I grabbed one of my lucite file boxes (I tend to hoard/collect lucite and white lacquer office things), some of my favorite hanging files,  a fine point Sharpie, and a few Post-It file tabs.

So, not much purged, other than a bunch of old receipts buried underneath current ones. Current receipts/pending items filed, and the boxes  are empty – it’s a start. Why did it take me this long?

Now, I’m off to check out that scanner again. And read this article via JenerationPR on feng shui office tips. From the look of it, I am doing EVERYTHING WRONG.

Must go burn a candle. Now.  xo a.

Won’t you join us for Purgeday Thursday?


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