only connect

This is why I love the internet: I was writing a post for Beauty Banter about my summer beauty tips yesterday, and I happened to see my friend Morgan tweet about these sunscreen wipes she uses for her daughter. I asked her if they were good for all ages, and I get a tweet back from her and from the doctors behind said wipes. Not only are they great for all ages (and as an eco-beauty loving girl, they sound just my style) but I realized that the pediatrician who made the wipes was someone I knew.

I was never very good at math, and not much better at science, but time and again there is something incredible I come across online:

While the population of this planet seems to be growing at a frantic pace, it’s the internet – social media – that keeps showing me what a small world it is. And I feel like it happens all the time.

If someone wants to draw a Venn diagram or create a cool transparency á la GOOD magazine, go for it. I’m sticking with shrinky dinks.

“Only connect…” as Forster wrote. Only connect. xo a.


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