seasonal style

All I ever wanted. All I ever needed. Is here in my arms. Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm. – Depeche Mode, “Enjoy the Silence”

The Depeche Mode dress. Because I need another striped dress. Or striped anything. But I happened to walk by H&M at the end of June and it had me at the stripes. And the pop of pink and coral. A little short-sleeved cotton shift with an exposed zipper up the back. While June gloom had lasted quite some time this summer, I knew the heat was bound to arrive.

And it did. The little cotton mini-dress worked overtime with various colors of J. Crew Capri sandals and ballet flats. With my hair in beachy waves or in a messy bun piled up with Spin Pins. With arms of chunky bracelets or layered necklaces. In the evening, a lightweight cardigan or a fitted denim shirt.

I bought it thinking it had a very sixties, Mary Quant feel, and yet I now think of it as the Depeche Mode dress. Because that’s what the cute boy, the college kid of twenty or so, working the register at Walgreens said to me one July day.

As I was buying deodorant. Magical moment.

He smiled and told me he liked my dress. That it reminded him of the eighties. Of Depeche Mode. I wasn’t going to contradict him. I wasn’t going to say, “Depeche Mode? Really? Pink and coral stripes?” He was adorable. I think he thought I was younger than I am. I felt younger. Like a teenager, totally embarrassed as the cute guy at the register was ringing up the deodorant. I thanked him as I paid, wondering how old he was in the eighties. That is was possible he wasn’t even born until 1990. He gave me my change, smiling. I smiled back, thanking him as I walked back out into the heat. In my Depeche Mode dress. Humming “I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough.”

This post was inspired by The Hollywood Housewife’s Seasonal Style series. Don’t follow the HH? What are you waiting for?


15 thoughts on “seasonal style

  1. laura @ hollywood housewife

    OMG, I love that dress. I saw it earlier this summer, but since it didn’t have much give I couldn’t justify it with my expanding belly. It looks so amazing on you and I’m jealous. Not everyone can pull off such a bold dress and you are rockin’ it.

    Also, I’m giggling at the guy and his Depeche Mode observation. 🙂

    (thanks for participating in the link up)

    1. alexandrawrote Post author

      Thank you! I know we’re in opposing seasons but I’ve found from reading Nikki Parkinson’s site that the color trends for our summer were popular for your winter.

  2. Erin

    I LOVE the dress. I love H&M. I’m sad there isn’t one in Reno. (ridiculous, right?!) Next time I visit my mama in the bay, I must go in. Wonder if they have it in maternity?? One can only hope. 🙂


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