I have pleurisy. Which I was under the impression only happened to characters in Bronte and Austen. You learn something new every time you end up in the ER.

So, forgive me if I’ve skipped the usual Wednesday quotes, but I’m feeling about as good as the word pleurisy sounds.

I found out that Ben Franklin died of pleurisy, as did Charlemagne. So, I’ve decided I am only going to get illnesses of the greats. I am an illness elitist.

But mention of Franklin made me think of this incredible Memory Palace episode about Ben that I think you should listen to. And while you’re there, listen to everything – because Nate is a genius. OK, I’m back to tea and twitter because 140 characters is about all I am up for. xo a.

The Memory Palace, Episode 9: BEN FRANKLIN DEATH RAY


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