put on a little makeup makeup….a blogoversary of sorts

If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is. – Andy Warhol

FACT: I don’t leave the house without mascara on. Even to go to the gym. (OK, so maybe I haven’t been to the gym in awhile, but, hypothetically, if I still went to the gym, you’d see me there with mascara on.)

I love makeup. It can brighten my mood, up my energy level, it can help me convince myself I actually got a better night’s sleep than I really did (see the mascara thing above). I love the Proustian memories attached to certain perfumes and lotions and potions.

It was makeup that gave me my intro to blogging, when I first guest posted at my friend Sarah’s blog, Beauty Banter. It was just about this time five years ago that I hit “publish” on blogger for the very first time – sharing what was then my newfound obsession – greening my beauty routine. Five years flew by quickly. Over the years, I’ve spent lots of time at Beauty Banter posting about my favorite eco-chic finds and favorite products and reading about all of Sarah’s tips and tricks and finds.

Sarah’s passion for writing about beauty is inspiring – when you write about what you love, it shows in your work. From interviews with fashion, beauty and Hollywood beauties, to sharing organizing tips with the brilliant Clos-ette (have you seen their stuff? The hangers are worth a post alone.), Sarah’s on the pulse of beauty today. Outside of BB, you can find her work for LA Times Magazine, interviewmagazine.com and hollywoodlife.com, amongst others. I’m always thrilled to see people I know go great places.

(On a sidenote: It’s funny how the things that happen as kids can stay with you. Especially someone’s kindness. As a kid, my dad was away on a film once and at the last minute had to skip this father-daughter Brownie camping thing he thought he could swing. I remember being kind of excited about it. Me, who doesn’t camp. I know. But it wasn’t roughing it exactly. This is LA-style camping, after all. Anyhow, Sarah’s dad stepped in and offered to be my dad substitute that weekend, and Sarah was totally cool sharing the father-daughter thing with a third wheel – I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have been a brat about the whole thing if I had been in her shoes. But she wasn’t – that’s the kind of person she is.)

Yesterday, Sarah was telling me about this really fabulous campaign from Bobbi Brown, whose first line of lipsticks were released in 1991 – just about the same time I began dabbling in makeup myself. Sarah shared Bobbi’s Pretty Powerful campaign, based on her belief that “All women are pretty without makeup but can be pretty powerful with the right makeup.” Visit the Pretty Powerful 2.0 site and you can vote for women of all ages entered into the competition – from 18 to 83. 83. That’s inspiring.

As part of the campaign, Bobbi wants women to share what makes them feel pretty powerful, so send me a tweet and let me know. (Use the hashtag #prettypowerful.)

For Sarah, it’s all about red lipstick. Me? It’s smoky eyes. And lots of mascara, of course. (FYI, never combine red lips and smoky eyes. It’s a bit, well, too powerful.)

Visit Beauty Banter to keep up on Sarah’s latest finds, here. (Thank you Sarah for introducing me to the blogosphere!)

And check out the first in a series of webisodes for the Pretty Powerful campaign, featuring blogger/stylist Leandra Medine who writes the hilarious manrepeller.com (how often does a blog name become a new word in the modern fashion lexicon?) and model/fashion writer Celia Ammerman.


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