turn it up to eleven: loud shirt day

A new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later. – Diana Vreeland

When I first got word from Mrs.Woog about Loud Shirt Day last August, two thoughts crossed my mind. One, it was a brilliant campaign. Wearing loud and bright clothing to “show your support for deaf children.” My second thought was, Why don’t we have such a thing in the US?  The concept of a day that gives deaf children a voice just seems like it should happen everywhere on earth. I was a Loud Shirt supporter without a country, but I marked my calendar for October 21st, knowing I’d wear something loud in honor of the youngest Woog, Jack.

For as long as I can possibly remember, my family has been involved with support and research of dyslexia and learning differences. When I was little, they were labeled as disabilities not differences. They’ve been properly renamed. We need to celebrate our differences. They remind us that this isn’t a one size fits all world. And we are better off because of the variety of shapes and sizes.

As Loud Shirt Day approached, I grew frustrated that October 21st would not be filled with a celebration of crazy patterns and neon colors in the City of Angels. So, I decided to ask my fellow Americans to take part in a virtual Loud Shirt Day. Asked them to help celebrate Jack and the Woog family and all the families like his. And they did. Family and friends, including a few right here in the blogosphere  (Maegan, Fadra and Peter).

I want to see Loud Shirt Day in the US. Until then, we’re bringing the US to Jack. xo a.

Click to find more information about Loud Shirt Day in Australia and Canada.


23 thoughts on “turn it up to eleven: loud shirt day

    1. alexandrawrote Post author

      Thank you so much! I heard about Loud Shirt Day and thought it was such a wonderful idea. I owe a huge thanks to the friends and family who gave me a hand – human and furball 🙂

  1. Claire

    I love this! I didn’t get a picture to you in time and of course what I put on this morning is lame and boring brown. I think I need to go in my closet and find a loud shirt. You’re so good to encourage us all to participate.

  2. Mrs Woog

    I am absolutely BLOWN away by how beautiful and generous you are. You are just one of the most amazing people I have been lucky enough to get to know. Love to you and your Mum, i mean MOM.



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