I had a post to share today about creating and editing your own stock photo library, and I was doing my best to make it a cross-platform resource for all. Because my work is all Mac-based, I’ve been working to find resources for all, and I realize that without more research, the list is just isn’t fair (un-PC to say the least). I thought I was going to post with what I had until today Google announced that Picnik is shutting down. One of the best cross-platform, user friendly editing sites I was thrilled to share. I’ve used it since it started even though my usually tools are Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. It was a great tool to have in your bag. And was one I’d point all PC users to in a heartbeat.(Apple users, too.)

I believe creating and editing original photo content has to be fun and easily accessible in order to change those right-click and save habits that so many have. So, I apologize, but the post is postponed while I continue to research apps and sites that are accessible for all. RIP Picnik.

In the meantime, I’d love to know what you use – from smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) to computers (Mac or PC). Please leave a comment or email me.


3 thoughts on “Taking stock – DIY STOCK PHOTO LIBRARY ON HOLD

  1. rewindrevise

    I now use my iPhone for almost all of my pictures. I just got one in October and I got a camera in September that has been sitting in its case too long. But having a camera on your phone is just too easy.


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