If we’re all representing this blogosphere, then we owe it to one another to make it look good.

Creating your own library of original images is a good place to start.

As a photographer, I’ve gone from carrying a film camera to using apps that filter digital to look like film (cue “Circle of Life”). But you don’t have to think like a photographer to build a stock library. Take inspiration from projects like fatmumslim’s #janphotoaday on Instagram.  In fact, Chantelle’s incredibly popular project has inspired the first If Emily Posted Stock Image List. These are what I call “American Beauty moments.”

Remember that scene in American Beauty with the plastic bag blowing in the wind? Find beauty and inspiration in random things. Simply take a few minutes each day to look around you. I bet you’ll find yourself adding a few originals to the set, too. (Horizontal and square images are best for most blog templates, so keep that in mind when you shoot.)

Eden, who writes and photographs over at Edenland, uses her iPhone to capture images all the time, “sometimes getting an idea from a post just from the photo I’ve taken… There’s a whole world of original images out there, because there’s a whole original world out there.”

I’m working on an resource list that’s inclusive for various smartphones, as well as programs for PCs and Macs. So you can take these shots and edit them without difficulty. Without having to know a thing about Photoshop. I want this to be all-inclusive. Fun and easy for all.

Fun. Easy. I’m hoping those words help to counteract the right-click-and-save movement.

As Jules of Pancakes and French Fries said about melding word and image as a blogger, “Just like with writing, the photographer’s voice–their likes and wants and moods–seeps in and makes a statement.”

It’s time to make a statement. Go. Now. Make yours.

Happy snapping.  xo a.

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