Credit Where Credit Is Due: Tumblr

I tend to believe that if I don’t have anything nice to say, I don’t tweet/blog about it unless it really matters to me. It’s not about pretending that life is always lovely, but it all becomes white noise if someone tweets every time they’re unhappy with a product or service (especially if they include the handle for said company – can you imagine if we did that about everything in real life?). Maybe it’s a past working in retail, but I am sure to talk/tweet when a company has done something wonderful. Not for something in return, but because I think we need to give credit where it’s due, and praise good service with the same gusto we do bad.

FACT: I was going to write, very concisely, that I believe tumblr is a real problem that I wasn’t planning to address. Because tumblr disregards attribution and I really had nothing more to say.

Until today.

FACT: This weekend, I learned something new. Tumblr users can credit absolutely everything they post. They can link and attribute and even chose whether the aforementioned link pops up in the same window or a brand new one. It’s a feature enabled and you have the option of using it. Always. You just have to choose to do that legwork.

Do the legwork people.

Ironically, when I saw something sourced for the first time ever on the tumblr account of a friend, I assumed that as a talented designer she must have created a custom layout. (No.) Or had one made. (No.) In fact, I learned she’d used various tumblr templates and they have always had the ability to add attributions.

I decided that I would see for myself (the editor in me always double-checks even the best sources). And guess what?

My apologies to tumblr.

While I wish credit had to be included in order to post or that you automatically linked a la Pinterest, it’s really the responsibility of tumblr users to use the template tumblr provided to do exactly that.

RULE: If you have a tumblr account, fill in the fields for content source on every post, and source for quotes and photos. Even if you don’t think it’s relevant.


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