alexandra blogher'11 reflectionYesterday they released all the conference details for BlogHer ’12, which will be here before we know it. I’ll be speaking on day two, so if you’re coming I hope to see you there – friends, Manhattan, BlogHer, Manhattan – what more could you want?

When I opened the homepage for the conference, I saw a photo I took (bookended by two wonderful shots by my co-shooter/aunt/friend, Rebecca Asher) and thought to myself, has it really been that long? 3/4 of a year?

I love portrait work. I love candid, naturally lit moments. That’s generally what I do, not events or landscapes or posed images by the fireside. BlogHer would be an event, yes, but I knew it would be special from the first conversations I had with Lori Luna, event director extraordinaire. And it was.

The main rooms at the San Diego Conference Center didn’t have windows, so natural light wasn’t always in the cards, but the candid moments were. In abundance.

An event as large as BlogHer felt small from the time I arrived during prep until the last of the events, the day after the conference ended. For five days, it was about people connecting with people. Some old friends, others new. It was an emotional, creative and wonderful experience.

I truly lucked out working with Rebecca on this project. Lucky to have a family that loves to collaborate. Honored to have had the opportunity to photograph BlogHer.

With the number of sessions each hour and only so much time, we split the schedule so that we had enough time to get enough coverage and just enough for me to wish I could stay longer before moving on to the next panel. So many great ideas were flowing. The energy was amazing.

The week after BlogHer, as I sat editing images, I knew I’d be attending next year but not as photographer. I wanted to be there in the seats I had photographed, listening to the speakers I’d caught in snapshot moments as I tiptoed room to room.

Last August, mentally preparing swapping my Staff badge for an Attendee one in 2012, I was already making plans. There’s so much to see and do and only so much time and I planned to fill it with sessions and seeing friends – speaking was the furthest thing from my thoughts.

I am truly honored to be a part of the BlogHer community, as writer, photographer and now as a panelist at BlogHer ’12.

And I’m also excited to announce that If Emily Posted will now be featured on BlogHer twice a month.

IEP will still be here every Friday, but I’m so happy that the issues that matter to me – of social media ethics, IP respect and basic kindness within the blogosphere – matter to you, and to the BlogHer community, too.

Wild West, your days are coming to an end.

P.S. You see that incredible camera bag I have strapped across me? The one carrying a second camera, lens, flash and the kitchen sink? The one that looks like the lovechild of a real camera bag and a Marc Jacobs one? There’s a story in that. A wonderful one I’ll share soon. Because it deserves to be more than just a footnote. That Kelly Moore bag saved the day every day at BlogHer. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “#BlogHer12

  1. Krishann

    Congratulations on speaking! You are a talented writer (among other things) – when I read your words they come to life. I won’t be at BlogHer but imagine it is going to an amazing experience for you and those who get the opportunity to hear your words!!

    1. alexandra Post author

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re well. I have to email you one of these days. Awhile ago, I saw a gift bag that looked a lot like your header and thought of you!


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