Last July, I first shared my love of gel manis with Beauty Banter. In January, I wrote about a new DIY gel manicure kit from Sensationail that I was trying out. At the time, I did a pedicure and wasn’t sure if I’d ever use it for my own nails as gels take a bit of precision. Well, I feel a bit like I’ve been cheating on my manicurist, but here’s the thing: I love this line. I’m doing my own nails all the time now.

After wearing them for almost two years, and as someone who was quite skeptical to begin with, I’m amazed by how healthy my nails are. In fact, I think they’re stronger than ever because they’re always taken care of.

Have you tried DIY gel kits? I’m curious to see what Sephora’s new OPI gel shine is like, and I’m also looking at the Gelish minis, too. I wear Gelish when I have my nails done professionally, so it will be interesting to see the difference. I’ll keep you updated!

Click over to Beauty Banter and get my tips and tricks for maintaining healthy nails and a flawless manicure all from the convenience of home.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Gel Manicures

  1. Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes

    I’ve been getting gel nail manicures at the salon all summer. I love them because I don’t have to wait an eternity to make sure they are dry because every single time without fail I *think* they are dry & I get up and end up messing them up before I even pay. I also love them of course because they last a long time.

    My only complaint is I can’t seem to take it off with regular nail polish remover & right now I really need to because after like 4 weeks my nails have started to grow it & it looks gross! I should just go get them done again but I keep forgetting.

    1. alexandra Post author

      I’ve done the cotton balls wrapped in aluminum foil, which does work very well. But honestly, the new OPI wraps from Sephora are GENIUS. I use either OPI’s polish remover for gels (not sold at Sephora – try a beauty supply store) or Gelish’s polish remover (which you can find at Sally’s Beauty Supply). They both nourish the nail. Gently buff the gels so the shine is gone. Apply the wraps for about 15-20 minutes and they come right off.


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