On Thursday, July 12th, the Los Angeles Court of Appeals was to rule on Stitch’s fate. (If you’re new to the story, read more, HERE. And a great post by The 818, HERE. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

After years in court, the Dexters essentially lost, and yet, once again, things aren’t so simple. From the Save Stitch site:

The Superior court just filed their preliminary ruling. They are upholding the lower court ruling (we LOST)  due to a technicality in paperwork  (the fact that there is no court reporter record, because in lower jurisdiction hearings- there is no court reportert!)

They refuse to hear our case tomorrow – so basically, we lost this round. BUT – now our attonrey is going to file a write to the higher court – the Federal Appeals Court. We are taking this fight to the top! We are not giving up!

Hollye, Stitch and Evan appeared on FOX News here in LA on Friday (see below) where more details about the case were shared.

An unexpected campaign has begun on the Stitchy the Wonder Dog Facebook Page where people are sharing images of their “not bicycles.” I hope the contributions keep coming in.

This is the beginning of potential legal change for the rights of domestic pets (and their owners) in the US. Change that must begin somewhere. Change that has the fate of this pup stuck in the middle. Because as the law is now, all it takes is a few people lying in court about ownership of property to put those who love, care, and legally adopted the property in jeopardy of losing it.

Property doesn’t feel the burn of a cigarette in its neck. Stitch did.

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