I’ve been dealing with a bad bout of writer’s block the last few days. While sometimes this can come without warning, I can’t help but look for signs as to why. Is it extra stress? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I balancing my online/offline time well? Did I eat enough?

While writer’s block isn’t always about focus, our ability to focus is effected by so many things. And food is one of those things. A big thing. If we don’t have enough to eat, it’s hard to concentrate. Our brains can’t absorb information if they aren’t well nourished.

One in six Americans is going hungry. Right now this very moment.

Not missed a meal hungry. Not the luxury of wondering, “when did I last eat?” hungry. Hungry without the means of being properly nourished. Without the luxury of a snack or the choice between a big meal or a light bite.

One in six. In big cities, rural areas, and in the suburbs, too.

Each and every one of us has hungry families and friends living amongst us and probably don’t know it. As Feeding America says, “nearly 49 million people in America who struggle with hunger often do so in silence.”

Hunger is not confined to certain neighborhoods. It’s not just an issue effecting the homeless or unemployed. We are not separate from it. The hungry could be you or me, and I think we all should consider how easily any one of us could unexpectedly find ourselves facing that reality. I hope you haven’t and never will. I hope if you have, or are, that you’re treated with kindness.

September is Hunger Action Month. And each and every one of us is capable of doing something to spread the word. In ways big and small. Today, September 6th, is the day to Go Orange to recognize hunger in America.

Orange is the color of joy, and it’s also said to make people hungry. This issue isn’t red or blue, it’s a bright citrus-y hue – vibrant and blazing and full of hope.

All September long, consider the many ways you can help:

– Visit Feeding America online or on Facebook and find your local food bank.
– Donate your Facebook status or a tweet to Hunger Action Month.
– Visit your local food bank. Know where it is so you can bring food when you can afford to share and know it’s there if you should ever need it.
– Volunteer, speak out, use the hashtag #hungeraction to spread awareness.

I’ll post more throughout the month. This month as 1 in 6 go hungry. 49 million Americans. These figures are staggering.

We can do so much in small ways. In big ones, too. Together. All for one and one for all.


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