At the end of last week I was really not on the best of terms with the internet. Content thievery was popping up a lot of places – big brands taking advantage of bloggers. I’d been reading more about the cognitive effects of the time we spend online, and reevaluating how and why I want to be staring at screens. And then, Friday night, I saw a tweet from my friend Jill, read her post, and very quickly remembered exactly why I love this place.

And so, I ask you to visit Jill, over at Baby Rabies, and see how the power of social media for good is alive and well. Jill received an email from a reader, Jamie, pregnant and living with breast cancer. Jamie asked Jill’s advice. And Jill came back with more than guidance. She brought an army to help.

Give us a tool to wrap our virtual arms around each other from every corner of the world, and we can use it to pull each other closer than ever before. We can use it to hold each other up.

Like Jill, I believe that people’s urge to give is far greater than their desire to take. Emotionally, intellectually, artistically, financially – we can all contribute so much online. We can be the change.  In more ways that we could without this technology.

I’ll trade having a little less focus for all the good that can be done online. It’s just a matter of seeking it out.

Please, visit Jill’s site and find out more. #bethechange


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