For years, I’ve written about eco-chic beauty for a fabulous site, Beauty Banter. And come October, I usually receive a number of press releases for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For products being sold with proceeds benefiting various organizations. I was always very selective as to what I would write about. Pinkwashing concerns me. A lot. I’m also very concerned about the lack of FDA regulation of beauty, skin and hair care products. There are about 1000 chemicals banned from cosmetics and skincare in the EU that aren’t regulated here.

I love makeup, and have a vanity filled with lotions and potions as luxe and fabulous as anything at any department store counter. But I make sure that what I use on the outside, for the most part, isn’t going to hurt me on the inside.

Yesterday I read a post by breast cancer survivor Wendy Nielsen, that introduced me to this documentary, Pink Ribbons, Inc.  I can’t wait to se the film.

Most of us can’t afford to donate grab sums of money to support BCA month, but I think we need to consider how we give. Take a couple minutes to watch this trailer. Let the info stay with you every time you see a pink ribbon on a product, something being sold for the “benefit” of BCA month, but for the most part donating the bare minimum. Meanwhile we buy more than we normally would because it’s for a “good cause” and corporations are making a lot of money. There’s something so wrong with this picture.

I am glad BCA month exists. I wish we could bring that level of attention to many cancers. I’ll be walking in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night Walk this month. Because I have lost dear relatives to lymphoma, and just weeks ago a wonderful family friend. But I also walk in honor of my friend Eden‘s husband. Her husband who had the exact cancer my cousin didn’t survive. Let’s do what we can. We can give in dollars but we can also give by spreading info. Important info.

This film is a great cause. It’s great info. Please watch and share.


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