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This year, and the last few months in particular, have been exhausting. I don’t care who you were voting for, if you care passionately about your politics as I do, you probably are feeling a bit hungover today. I found myself feeling quite grateful throughout the day when I read on Twitter and Facebook people saying how difficult things have been for them online in the hours after the election was called for President Obama. I have friends with various beliefs, and I have to say I saw very little ugly behavior. Or maybe it’s just that I refused to enter into discussions that could have become ugly. I don’t know. All I do know is that we have four more years of my guy but I’m not gloating. I’m grateful and optimistic that good things are ahead. I’m hoping both sides get down to some serious business of working together. I guess that goes for us, too.

This Thomas Jefferson quote that my friend Mary posted on Facebook has stayed with me some time:

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.

Now there have been many a thing on Facebook as of late that I either LIKED or decided to ignore. I am always open to discourse but skip arguing. When I saw this video Kristen made, with the help of some other faces I know, I realized I have a feed that is generally pretty respectful, and I thank my Facebook and Twitter friends for being a lot more fact-y and a lot less melodramatic-y. (Can’t say they’re always so collected during Awards Season.)

The video is bipartisan – it’s funny and it’s sad, and it reminds me once and for all why I am so tired.

Let’s all get some sleep and get to work. Together.

featuring: Nish Weiseth  Karen Walrond  Charlie Capen  Elizabeth Esther  Joy Bennett
Ed Cyzewski  Zack Hunt  Kristen Howerton  Kelly Wickham  Doug French
Tamara Lunardo  Jason Boyett  Heather Barmore  and Alise Wright


2 thoughts on “The Morning After: $#!@ People Say On Facebook During Elections

  1. julie

    I love Thomas Jefferson, such a wise man. It’s time that our country’s leadership look back to what formed it and the brilliance of those who formed it, picking up their habits, their commitments, their styles.

    We need to unite under a strong belief in a system that works.

    1. alexandra Post author

      Julie, thanks for reading. They need to be working together across the aisle. It’s ridiculous. As a Democrat, I do question those who support the Republicans based on their disappointment in unemployment the last four years without considering the way the GOP has voted to block every jobs bill. The aisle remained vacant. No crossing was done. I remember when the two sides worked together for the good of our nation.


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