Last Thursday, driving home from Thanksgiving dinner al fresco under the Hollywood stars, I was marinating in gratitude. And I don’t mean that in some cheeseball way, but because I began the day with the mean reds and ended it feeling like the universe made a bit more sense.

Some things in life are rather complicated, but I know this much is true: a day rarely goes as planned. You need to leave room for the possibility of great things to squeeze their way into the empty spaces of the crummy ones. To look for calm in the frazzled ones. To look for peace in the painful ones.

Some days we must look for the helpers. Other days, we’re the helpers.

Some days go as planned because we make a plan.

Tuesday, let’s all be helpers. Put in in your iCal. Your Blackberry. Your Filofax. I have it in my phone and my Day Designer. (Whitney English designed the best planner I have ever used, says the girl who has a thing for pretty organizing things. And who now writes in the third person?)

Mark your calendars. Giving Tuesday is in about 24 hours.

With all the talk last week about the shortage of food for those in need this Thanksgiving, I kept thinking of those famous Auntie Mame words, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” While in the literal sense, people are starving, if life’s a banquet, how are you filling your plate? What are you making? What are you serving? What can you do on #GivingTuesday to help?

Baby steps are as important as giant leaps. Feel free to do a free style dance somewhere in between if you choose.

DISH IT OUT: Follow @GivingTues and spread the word. Visit them on Facebook and their site to learn about ways to help online and IRL. Give a little bit. A few minutes. A few hours. Give a lot. Please give.

Watch this:


One thought on “Life’s A Banquet: #GivingTuesday Eve

  1. Mrs. Pitt (@GDRPempress)

    YES. Yes, Alexandra: if more people can associate giving and the wonderful feeling it fills us with, I think we’d see more donations, don’t you think? There’s nothing like being able to help and believing your gift has changed someone’s life.

    Happy Thanksgiving, wonderful woman.


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