The holidays were filled with all the good things – family, friends, good food, lots of laughter. I’m working and trying to fight a stupid cold, but ridiculously happy I unplugged a lot the last week. I’ve been catching up on new films, and enjoying old favorites. And as is the way in my family, holiday meals are centered around discussion of films old and new, and those yet to come. (Seriously, have you seen the trailer for Man of Steel? Go now. Here.)

What have you seen lately? What can’t you wait for? Did the Man of Steel trailer make you teary eyed and goosebump-y too?

So You Want to Watch a Holiday Movie - Flowchart

by more data visualization.



One thought on “Holi-daze. Pass the Popcorn.

  1. Twitchy (@TwitchyCorner)

    NOt that you were likely wondering, but as an aside, do you know I have to give you my 5c worth? Australia did away with the copper 1’s & 2’s years ago, meaning the smallest denomination is now 5c. So here’s mine.

    Holidays make me want to watch old movies again. It’s a good thing I like them too, because when you’re home with kids, going to the grown up movies is a long shot. I’m really interested in the new “Hitchcock” with Anthony Hopkins. (The Man of Steel trailer waits for Jan 1; our broadband’s been hammered this month- Summer school break now.

    Happy holidays to you good lady!


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