With my arm in sling last week, I found my iPad working overtime. A tablet was more comfortable to navigate than my desktop – the less I had to use a mouse, the better. But I wasn’t simply trading a desktop for something portable. The iPad was only built to do what it does and do it well. Still, it had me thinking about what I’d do differently if I could make it work as I’d ideally want it to in that moment. A bit more computer-like in the program department but with tablet features.

Basically, I wanted to be able to write a book as easily as I could read one. Veruca Salt sort of stuff. Or so I thought.

In the serendipitous way the universe works, I was asked to join the #TabletCrew for #IntelTablets – and give the new Samsung ATIV smart PC a whirl. I like my iProducts but have used PCs at various times over the years, and they did the job, whether writing a screenplay or a magazine piece. In recent years, especially while writing If Emily Posted and delving further into tech discussions here and at BlogHer, I became frustrated by how divided the two platforms are – most often by users who shun one or the other as inferior. I’m excited to see how I can integrate the two into my workday, and see what I’ve been missing. This writer has some new ideas in the works, and the little black book just arrived tonight. Maybe opening Windows will be the just the breath of fresh air I need.

Also, this Internet Explorer video was a trip down memory lane. And by that I mean, wow, I’m old.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Intel.

Disclosure: I am being provided with an Intel tablet, but any and all opinions will be mine and mine alone – otherwise, I’d have to change the name of the blog.

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