I’m reading a new book called Wm & H’ry, about the relationship between brothers William and Henry James. I first read Henry in high school and in college learned of William. One a father of modern literature, the other of modern psychology. You know, a family that kept the bar very low.

I love letters, writing them and reading them. The epistolary novel ranks amongst my favorite forms of fiction, but in nonfiction, in the letters of a great artists or thinkers, I love it more. I love the discussion of process, of characters in the making, the history taking place that’s influencing their work.

Quotes by the brothers James I’ve scribbled down more than once over the years. And while Henry is the one traditionally known for his way with words, William’s are just as lovely. Like these below. (Just right click and save to your device of choice – iPhone, iPad and Tablet PCs (I’m making the tablet to the dimensions of the Samsung ATIV #IntelTablet; as part of the #TabletCrew, I’m trying to make everything cross platform as best I can).

Making Monday a little less mundane. Thanks, Mr. James.

A little Jamesian iPhone inspiration

A little Jamesian #IntelTablets inspiration

A little Jamesian iPad inspiration

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