It’s been a quiet few months for me on the writing front. Assigned writing happens but original projects were lagging. Today I sat outside writing for a few hours in the sunshine. Writing. The pup chasing tennis balls.

Happy writer, happy dog.

There were a few reasons I was interested when I was offered a Samsung ATIV as part of the Intel Smart Squad. One of them was portability. It’s as comfortable to type on as my old MacBookPro had been, but weights little more than an iPad. Though I love writing with pen and paper, my thoughts are easier to keep up with on a keyboard.

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t sure if using cross platform technology would be more hassle than in was worth. I loved the idea of the ATIV because I could use it as I use my iPad – reading on the Kindle, watching TED talks, sending a tweet, checking email – but with the touch of a button have a full functioning computer. One I could use to write scripts and articles and blog posts like this one right now. I could even add Photoshop or Lightroom and edit photo work. On a tablet.

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t sure if I was so set in my Apple ways I would find working cross platform a good idea. One week in, I’m finding change is good. Not perfect, but good.

Writing If Emily Posted, I’ve never wanted the conversation to be Mac-centric, and I also didn’t want to lie and say I’d tried apps and tools I hadn’t. So, I struggled to find recommendations from others for non-Mac apps. I’m glad that I’m starting to find them myself. The iTunes App selection is massive, and Samsung has only just begun. But I’m seeing some good things.

Using it as a computer, I knew I’d need a proper keyboard and decided to buy their dock. Without it, it was never going to work for me as I can’t write for long periods on an onscreen keyboard. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard, but I like that the docked it folds notebook-style and I can throw it in my bag like I do my iPad, but write like I did on my old laptop. As for sharing cross platforms, I’m saving my work to Dropbox and it’s on all computers, all the time. Or I can paste and save my work to Evernote, which I sometimes do, too.

I love that the keyboard it’s super lightweight and clicks on and off easily, but I’m not loving the trackpad. Because it remains a touchscreen, it isn’t such an issue so far.

My only issue at this point is figuring out how much to invest in software. For years, I had desktop and laptop on same OS. I use Final Draft on my computer and their much more affordable app on my iPad. They don’t have an app for this guy yet, so depending on how I find myself writing here, I’ll decide whether I’ll buy the program. I’ve been making notes for a new project and be it on my desktop, tablet or phone, those aren’t formatted as a screenplay. Still, I do see some advantages to a larger app store, like Apple’s, in this case.

Ironically, the act of figuring out how to write on a new device is making me write more. An unexpected benefit. As I sat outside working today, I chose to silence all social media. The only twittering I heard was coming from the birds.

Now, off to read.

Anyone who works cross platform, I’d love your two cents on how you decide what software to buy. Feel free to leave it in the comments or email me. Thanks in advance!

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Disclosure: I received a Samsung ATIV tablet, as part of the #IntelTablets #TabletCrew but any and all opinions will be mine and mine alone – otherwise, I’d have to change the name of the blog. And I don’t want to do that. This post contains affiliate links.

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