In a dark movie theater, I first heard Ferris Bueller say, “Life moves pretty fast sometimes,” and totally  thought I knew what he meant. I was eight. I had no idea what it truly meant. I’m sure twenty years from now I’ll be saying “twenty years ago, I had no idea what it truly meant.” Maybe I’ve always known what it meant.

Some busy isn’t bad. Some is unavoidable. But the self-imposed busy is kind of making me crazy. You?

Beware the barrenness of a busy life, Socrates said. (Socrates was wise, but he wasn’t much fun. Or cute. Not a Ferris. No one’s perfect.)

Socrates (look it up under So-crates) was right. We can’t say those Athenians didn’t know from busy because they didn’t have ALL THIS STUFF. The busyness he spoke of is not all that different than ours. Being busy in ancient Athens was what all the cool kids were doing. We’ve been doing this places to go, people to see thing for a long, long time.

I’m keeping the reminder front and center on all my screens this month. And hoping to make Monday a little less mundane by sharing a little Socratic wisdom with you, too.

Two wallpapers: one for the desktop, another that works on the iPad and #IntelTablets (as usual, I am plastering all my screens).

Click the picture(s) to enlarge, then right click to download.

alexandra wrote march 2013 calendar wo labelsalexandra wrote march 2013 calendar w labelsAlso, I posted it years ago, but this recut and reimagined Ferris Bueller’s Day Off trailer by Joseph Brett is genius. When you aren’t too busy, watch and enjoy.


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