good exposure ©alexandrawrote photo copyI read this blog post by journalist Nate Thayer and wanted to both frame it and grab some coconut milk ice cream to eat my feelings.

Perhaps I’ll do both.

Thank you, Mr. Thayer. As Steve Martin once said, “Some people have a way with words….some people….not have way.”

Read it, let’s talk about it. Because it has my mind spinning. And an If Emily Posted in the works for Friday.

(Thanks to #blognow for sharing)

One thought on “Thank you, Nate Thayer: Good Exposure Is Wearing SPF 50

  1. Heidi O.

    After the initial shock wore off – I couldn’t help but feel a couple of things.

    1. In the eyes of publications (even major ones obviously), journalists and bloggers have morphed into one (in their eyes). Because ya – there is a difference. And I’m not knocking bloggers, because I am one and I love blogging and yes I consider myself a writer, but I definitely recognize that there is a difference.

    2. The online world has changed so much about writing. It’s all about “exposure” now. And platforms. Exposure for what exactly? Well it will help when you write you write your book obviously. It’s this huge shift. Much like reality TV has made celebrities out of non-actors, etc… the internet has made celebrities out of mediocre writers.

    Just my 2 cents.


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