#inteltablets ©alexandrawrote poeI have done everything and nothing today. Food allergies are stupid. That’s about the gist of the last 24 hours.

Ciaran once wrote a post about life with food allergies that I really appreciated. Not all of us have the same reactions, nor to the same things, but like Ciaran, mine leave my whole body a mess. Head, stomach, joints, skin. Sometimes it sounds like I have a cold. Or feels like the flu. I keep my hair cut in a way to be able to easily hide the areas along my hairline where my skin acts as red hot allergen lie detector when wait staff/kitchen communication has screwed up.

Food allergies are stupid.

I joke about the fact eating out with me makes Sally Albright seem low maintenance, but it’s true. Eating out is like a big game of chance. Fortunately, I win more than I lose. Except when I don’t. Gluten, egg, soy, dairy – doing that thing they do.

Sometimes the effects are mildly inconveniencing. Other times, it can feel like getting hit by a bus, and I can take a couple days to feel myself again. It’s been one of those.

Parked on the sofa with tea and Tylenol, I put the little Samsung ATIV to the test, doing everything to keep myself distracted from how I felt and working as much as possible. To write, I’ve been playing with the Poe app which strips your screen down to basics – think MS-DOS circa 1986. Zero distraction. Today’s bonus? Black screen and green blinking cursor are way easier on the eyes when your head is throbbing than a bright white screen.

I took breaks moving from PC to tablet with a click, checking email, Facebook or Twitter, messing around with the Lazy Painter app, play XBox Mahjong. The goal to just not think about not feeling well. #inteltablets ©alexandrawrote paint

It wasn’t the worst way to spend the day except when the migraine pain was making it impossible to do anything but sleep. Those hours I’d like back, thank you very much.

Allergy days can feel like days wasted. I learn to make them work as best I can. I just have to lower my expectations a bit, reshuffle what I need to get done and let some things go. You know, all the things I’m not very good at. I began Thursday hoping to accomplish the work and blog-related things on my calendar, but I knew that in the end Friday might end up being the day where I finish Thursday’s work. I just tried not to worry about it. (Ha)

There will be no If Emily Posted this Friday. There will be no migraine Friday either. And I’m happy enough to settle for that. Well, not happy really, but sort of OK-ish with it.

It’s late. I’m making more tea and inhaling eucalyptus oil. One more game of mahjong and I’m putting this day behind me.
#inteltablets ©alexandrawrote mahjong

intelContent and/or other value provided by our partner, Intel.
Disclosure: I received a Samsung ATIV tablet, as part of the #IntelTablets #TabletCrew, but any and all opinions will be mine and mine alone – otherwise, I’d have to change the name of the blog. And I don’t want to do that.

2 thoughts on “Little Black Book: Sick Day #IntelTablet Style

  1. momfluential

    Oh I LITERALLY feel your pain. I know exactly what you mean. And the hairline… YES! I thought that was just me. Dairy does me in all around the edges there. I’m making a huge effort to be extra careful right now.

    1. alexandra Post author

      You have fabulous hair! I’m sorry you know what I’m talking about – a side part w long layered bangs helps; behind ears and sometimes nape of the neck get it too, so no short cuts.


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