bring-it-on-©alexandrawrote-set-image-wallpaperMonday? Check. Daylight-saving Time? Check. Mercury in retrograde? Check.

A couple things to ease the pain: a bit of bling for you screen below (click, right click, and save) and a sneak peek at THE BLING RING (click play, sit back, enjoy). You’re welcome.

I’m a huge fan of Sofia Coppola’s work, and when I first heard THE BLING RING was in production, I couldn’t wait to see what she would do with the stranger than fiction burglaries of the homes Young Hollywood that happened here about five years ago. Caught after stealing millions of dollars in designer clothes and cash, the masterminds turned out to be a group of wealthy kids from the Valley. The cast is stellar – Emma Watson from Hermoine to Valley Girl? Totally. And yes, that is Gavin Rossdale.

As a fourth generation Angeleno, I don’t remember the last movie that made me love LA more than SOMEWHERE. Not long after I saw it, I was talking to a fellow film writer who lives on the east coast, marveling at how Coppola captured the Los Angeles sunshine in a way that made me homesick for the very town I lived in. Can’t wait to see what she does this time.

Enjoy the trailer, then grab the bling for your screen. Triple threat Mondays? NBD.

Wallpaper for iPad and Samsung #IntelTabets #TabletCrew

Wallpaper for iPad and #IntelTabets #TabletCrew

Wallpaper for phones

Wallpaper for phones


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