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Disclosure: I received a Samsung ATIV tablet, as part of the #IntelTablets #TabletCrew but any and all opinions will be mine and mine alone – otherwise, I’d have to change the name of the blog. And I don’t want to do that.

It’s a busy week here between Passover and Easter. Eggs to be boiled for dipping in salt water, others for dipping in food coloring. Me allergic to them all. EastOver week is here.

I’ve been working on a few new projects and prepping for the holidays, which means working at my desk, on the go and in the kitchen. Being on the Tablet Crew means I’ve been able to put the whole “it’s a tablet and a PC” thing to the test. My old laptop had a long life and recently departed, and my iPad had stepped in to do some of the work when away from my desk. Only it’s a tablet, not a computer. This little Samsung ATIV has filled in that gap pretty nicely because it’s a tablet and a computer. For those that asked, what I’m loving about the ATIV:

It’s expanding my options.
The more I write about tech with If Emily Posted, the happier I am to be working cross platform. My readers are both Mac and PC users, and I like being able to work with both. (It’s the reason I accepted the tablet to begin with.) As a longtime Mac user, I’m a big fan of the convenience of things like the desktop app store, and happy to see they’ve brought it to Windows 8. Now when I recommend apps for watermarking, for example, my knowledge base will be wider.

It’s powerful.
On the tablet side, I can edit a photo in an app like Lazy Paint, but with the tap of a button the tablet screen is replaced with a computer desktop and have the option to edit with the power of a computer – I can even run Photoshop. Or I can use a Windows app that allows for touch screen editing, like Fotor. (Here’s a great list of free Windows apps to start with.)

It’s customizable.
When they sent me the tablet, I was able to quickly set up the homescreen and bring in the apps and programs I use most. I also bought the keyboard dock, which makes it feels no different than a laptop. I love the touchscreen, but still like typing on a keyboard.

It’s flexible.
While making allergy-free matzoh and macaroons for Passover, I could double-check the recipes online and troubleshoot, which can be a necessary evil when you’re taking regular recipes and trying to make them allergy-free. While matz and macs were in the oven, I removed the keyboard and did some reading on the Kindle. (P.S. The matzoh was fabulous, the macaroons a mess. You win some, you lose some.)

It’s priced right.
The price difference between platforms is huge, especially when it comes to laptops. I know a lot of people try to justify the reasons to buy a tablet, but here you get 2-in-1. And you get all of it for hundreds less.

Icing on the cake? Now through March 30th, Amazon is teaming up with the Intel Crew to offer you a $100 Amazon gift card if you purchase an Intel tablet. Click here to see the full line on Amazon.

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I’ve got spring cleaning to get done and a dog that needs walking. If only a computer could take care of that.



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