spring-tolstoy-alexandra-wroteBring it on, April. I’m aiming to get closer to this 10,000 steps a day thing by month’s end, doing some serious spring cleaning, and conquering this whole lack-of-oxygen-thing-is-kicking-my-asthma business, while writing, writing, writing, and when I’m not writing, doing some very cool things with TYPE A, which is writing of a different sort.

But to do all the things I want to do, I need to find calm and quiet and room to create. Starting with the screens I turn on each morning.

New month, new wallpaper. Pink like the cherry blossoms in bloom and the ballet shoes on my feet. A background of kraft – the paper of a million uses and endless possibilities. And a little Leo for good measure.

To download just click, right click, save. Voila!

Now to find some running shoes. I’m not much of a tennis shoe girl, but I think cute ones could make this 10,000 steps thing an easier hill to climb.

April 2013 Wallpaper 1

April 2013 Wallpaper 1

April 2013 Wallpaper 2

April 2013 Wallpaper 2

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