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Bring it on, Monday. I have about seven balls in the air right now, but it’s going well, really well, and… I’ve just jinxed myself. It’s a mix of writing work, new TYPE A projects and some multi-site spring cleaning that’s turning into a big overhaul. But I swear, this baby-stepping to 10,000 steps a day thing is playing a huge part in making it all come together instead of falling apart.

I used to walk to help me write. A lot. I’d work, go for a walk, come back and story elements that weren’t working would fall into place. New ideas developed. And yet, like all habits, I fell out of that one. For years.

I walk a few charity 5Ks a year, but that’s about all my tennis shoes are used for. I adore shoes, but I’ve never been a fan of sneakers (the polite way of saying I hate them).

After a 5K last year, I spent a few days on crutches with a sprain. The orthopedist sent me away with expensive orthotics and instructions to get better trainers.

Reader, I bought new running shoes.

running shoes seriously alexandraw wrote

I went with gray because I didn’t want black or white and thought I’d get tired of a color pretty quickly. And I’d just picked up the gray Old Navy running leggings from the line Jules had mentioned awhile ago, and I am loving. (I went back for black. They’re like Spanx but totally comfortable. Why can’t Spanx do that?)

I’m still using Moves, which is a free app, and I encourage anyone to try an app like this, even for just a day, if only to be shocked by the numbers. Or impressed. Maybe you’ll be impressed by your numbers. Mine were the opposite of impressive.

A few days in, when I hit the 5,000 step mark, I thought to myself, how many days do not reach a quarter of that and never think twice about it?

Answer: most every day.

The only thing about a phone app is that you need your phone on you in order for it to do the math, which I forgot when I used a treadmill the other night. And part of the reason I’m thinking more and more about getting a Fitbit.

Apres ‘mill, I tried to tell myself it didn’t matter how many steps were missed, but a little part of me wanted to walk twice as long to get those steps on that little screen. And then I realized that for the first time I can remember it wasn’t a number on a scale or a dress size or an upcoming date on the calendar that was motivating me to exercise. The only numbers I cared about were on that little display that told me how much I am doing to get up and out and change my routine.

Walking 10K a day is the goal in and of itself.

Anything else is icing on the dairy, egg, soy and gluten-free cake.

nietzsche walking printable alexandra wrote

click, right click, save – be inspired

These words of wisdom I’ve tacked on my computer, in part to make sure I get up and get moving every day and remember why it’s so good for me. Feel free to click, right click and save, then print and tack it somewhere to remind you, too.


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