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I’m not sure what Andy Warhol would make of social media. I think he’d love Instagram and Twitter, but guessing he’d point out that a party wasn’t a party unless you were getting all dolled up, so Twitter parties would need rebranding.

And I think he’d agree fifteen minutes of fame lasted a bit longer in the days of disco.

But even in this age of busyness, his words hold true. Time doesn’t change things, we do.

Because I rarely have two days where I am doing exactly the same work, I create a lot of  routine where there otherwise isn’t any. Every day at 2pm a timer goes off to remind me to check in, see what I’ve done and what I still need to do. It’s taken me years to figure out that taking five minutes mid-afternoon to gather my thoughts can prevent a whole lot of stress later.

I know I’ve shared my love of the Day Designer more than once, but one of my favorite features is that Whitney put the top three what-must-be-done-this-very-moment to-do’s at the top. I used to keep my top 3-5 things on a MUST DO list, usually a post-it because a smaller piece of paper is harder to cram with stuff. We make long lists, overwhelming lists, and a lot of it is just STUFF to fill up the page. (I’m not kidding when I say Whitney seemed to read my mind when she created the planner.)

We seem to put so much value in our busyness that we forget that having ONE deadline is a lot on one’s plate. Three can be enormous.

With Warhol’s words in mind, I’ve made my first TYPE A printable here list-related. If I could I’d print them on post-its for you.

Just click the image to take you to the PDF to print or save. Or both.

warhol time alexandra wrote


Perfect for jotting down your morning or midday MUST DOs, and for remembering that one or two things to do is quite a substantial list if we let it be. (All Alexandra Wrote printables are for non-commercial use. Not to be sold or distributed, and not for reposting on your site without permission. End fine print.)

Also on the subject of time, here’s a really wonderful short film with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff. I’ve read a number of his things in researching If Emily Posted and on time behind screens, and I saw this last week. If you have five minutes, I really recommend it. He says some powerful things about time and the way we’re living.

If we’re each going to have our fifteen minutes, let’s make sure we’re there to live it. In the now.


One thought on “Munday Monday: In The Now with Warhol and Rushkoff

  1. Kate

    I love that you posted this video, I saw it last week and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since. And I love that you thought out Warhol and social media…woman after my own heart!


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