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earth day litter labels

As a writer and a calligrapher, I use a lot of paper. Much of which ends up in the recycling bin. I cope with my eco-guilt by remembering that I bought my first BAGGUs in 2008 and never looked back.  I had my own line of canvas reusable totes back then, too, but it didn’t stop me from buying BAGGUs and the Anya Hindmarch bags, or the blue ones at IKEA because I never remembered to bring them and then those great little ones in Vancouver that roll up into teensy tiny pouches.

I basically have enough tote bags to haul home a small grocery store. Or the IKEA marketplace. Maybe both.

I do what I can to reduce my carbon footprint, but I can’t quit paper. I simply can’t. Although I have been doing a great deal of TYPE A printing on cotton and bamboo and it’s beautiful. But not ideal for script pages.

Beneath my desk I keep two simplehuman trash cans that look tiny but actually can hold a ton. earth day litter label cansAnd while it’s become second nature to throw away garbage with my right hand and recycling with my left, when I first got them, I made labels to tell them apart.

And it seemed the perfect sort of printable for this mundane Monday. earth day printable labels alexandra wrote


Simply click and print or save. Print them on full-sheet labels or cardstock, then crop and stick.

Reuse, recycle, redecorate.




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