all things possible in may alexandra wroteI’ve always been a fan of May.

It’s a month of pre-summer beauty with warm temps to ease into the sweltering months ahead.

It’s my sister’s name (albeit spelled differently).

It’s corn and watermelon at the farmers market.

It’s time to debate pulling out the self tanner or going for the Twilight look.

It’s a reminder of one of my mother’s oft repeated sayings, “Yes you can, but no you may not.” She was neither a tiger mother nor a helicopter one, but it was something always said to her, which in turn was always said to us, and shall one day pass to children of my own. (Good grammar starts at home, kiddos.)

The last month has been kind of a bust on the health front (long story – funny in parts, pinata whacking frustration-worthy in others – a post for another day), but my plans for May involve putting that all behind me ASAP and jumping back into work and play with my usual energy.

I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but I miss this whole #babystepto10Kaday thing. I’ve always been a walker but focused on the perks it had for a writer’s mind rather than body and soul. Quickly, this purposeful, step-counting became a competition ritual I grew to love. I’ve really missed it, and I look forward to Instagramming my tennis shoe-wearing feet one day very soon. (Are we following eachother on IG? Find me at

I’m ready for a month of good news and good friends and good times.

Edwin Way Teale was spot on when he wrote, “All things seem possible in May.”

It will be my mantra.

You’re welcome to chant along.

For May, a calendar that’s clean and simple, with plenty of room for folders that aren’t quite ready to be filed away just yet.

Ideas need space to ruminate and grow.

Both with labels and without, simply click, right click and save. (All Alexandra Wrote printables are for non-commercial use. Not to be sold or distributed, and not for reposting on your site without permission. End fine print.

What are you up to this month?

New calendar update: All is fixed. AGAIN. Now May 2013  with days of the week that, you know, follow the Gregorian calendar. I’ve added a black version as well.


may 2013 desktop calendar sans labels


may 2013 desktop calendar with labels


may 2013 desktop calendar sans labels


may 2013 desktop calendar with labels






4 thoughts on “New Month, New Calendar (May Is So Type A)

  1. Brigitte

    Love your calligraphy and was grateful for the free desktop image…however, the calendar is wrong.
    Unless this was intentional and just for graphic purposes (the may twenty thirteen does fit just perfectly).

    1. alexandra Post author

      I just saw the mistake – thank you so much for telling me. I can’t figure out how I made that mistake. Oh, I’m a genius. I tell you.

      Edited version is up!

    1. alexandra Post author

      Jessica, I reuploaded the SAME files the second time. My brilliance knows no bounds. I don’t even know what to say other than the only thing harder than finding good help is not having help and having no one to blame 🙂


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