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I really believe that the beautiful thing about blogging is that it gives people their own virtual Secret Garden, a little bit of earth to cultivate and grow and make what they want of it. And as a writer, I didn’t really know what what I wanted to do with a blog initially. Except I did know I wanted to take the articles and events and books and films and fashion and food – all the things that I talk about in regular conversation, in links I post to Facebook or emails I send or (GASP) clip out of magazines to share – all these little things that connect us – and place them in my little bit of the ether. But unless you’re blogging for a living, even if you are blogging for a living, you can go through periods where you don’t have much to say. And rather than fill the landscape with things what I consider the equivalent of plastic flowers – posting just to post – I had to step back and rethink the way this garden would grow. Or maybe I just needed a little room to grow. Because I didn’t really want to blog about being sick and tired, and trying to get back into the rhythm of writing and other work because I was still figuring it out. Hell, my entire career has been about trying to figure it out. Writing is all about ebb and flow, feast or famine, give and take, whatever you want to call it. When it’s wonderful, I wonder why anyone would do anything else for a living. When it’s awful, I wonder why anyone in their right mind would do this for a living. The awful never lasts long, which is why it’s possible to retain the momentum.

A creative life requires one to figure out new ways to do the old things all the time. All the time. Creative habit is regularly met with the need to try something new.

I’ve been busy working on the new TYPE A site and getting the shop ready to launch. As often as I say that TYPE A is really just a play on words, the fact is, I like a bit of order in life. (ME? SHOCKING!) Organized chaos is fine, in fact I’d say it’s something I do well, but when it loses the organized bit, the A in TYPE A fits me to a, well, to an A. It was beyond frustrating having to continually shelf projects the last few months because life was in the way of the plans I wanted to be making. I had time to be sick and time to work, but not much time for side projects. (Delegate? What’s that?) But I believe things are finally, FINALLY, beginning to mellow a bit.

A few months after I thought they were falling back into place, now they’re actually falling into place. Somewhere between feast and famine, if you will. It’s not just right, but it’s right now. And I can’t wait to start sharing more soon. Very soon.

Like TYPE A projects and books I’ve been reading and movies I’m seeing and clothes I’m loving, oh, and the best new lipstick I can’t live without – all that jazz. You know, the sort of stuff I’ve been sharing on Instagram while away from here. (Are we friends on Instagram? And what about Facebook? And while we’re at it, what’s your Twitter handle?)

The blog, work, life, all of it. A work in progress. Always a work in progress. But better than moving backwards, right?

So, what have you been up to?


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