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Once upon a time, the tagline for Alexandra Wrote was “Only connect…” from E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End.

Only connect…

Because the world is small, but the blogosphere has a Shrinky Dink Effect that is mind blowing.

While it eventually left the header of the site, the concept remains one of the main reasons I do blog. Because through social media, both IRL and via URL, I have crossed paths with some really talented, wonderful, make-the-world-a-better-place kind of people. Only connect…

Like when I started If Emily Posted, this idea of blogging about social media ethics a year and a half ago. I figured I wasn’t going to make many friends doing so, except I did. Including one who champions the same cause, and then joining forces to do something about it. That’s the way I became friends with Kal Barteski. Not because we both do handlettering (which we do). Or because our dogs are doppelgängers (which they are). But because when we’re not creating as artists and writers, we spend a good deal of our time encouraging other creatives to value their work online and offline. (Please do check out the LINKwithlove site if when you can. It takes a cyber village…)

The blogosphere brings new friends in new places, and sometimes closer friendships with people you already knew. It’s a crazy, flattened world we live in.

I was so excited for Kal when she told me she was going to be giving a talk at TEDx Manitoba this year. Helping her prep for TEDx was incredibly fun, and inspiring beyond words, and the message she has to share about the value of play is something we all need to hear. And the polar bears are pretty fabulous, too.

You need to watch this. Seriously.

When the chance to collaborate on projects with friends comes along, I always feel extremely lucky. But they don’t always leave me so inspired. Thanks, Kal. Thanks for introducing me to Debbie and Harold and Stella. Thanks for the invite to the celebration.

Did you know that’s what a flock herd litter gathering of polar bears is called? A celebration.

Like I said, you need to see this.

Then pass it on. Like I have to you.

Only connect…


11 thoughts on “The Play’s The Thing

  1. kal

    Alex. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It wasn’t easy for me to ASK for help, but I felt like you would be able to help me take the blurry jumble of words and make them into something beautiful. And YOU did more than that. Thank you for talking for hours with me about polar bears and their politics and what they mean… Thank you for CARING. Thank you for teaching me and challenging me and giving these ideas a the words to make a voice.

    Huge thanks, friend. Huge, slobbery, frenchbull dog thanks.

    1. alexandra Post author

      It was so much fun watching this grow and take shape, and I’m so proud of what you did on that stage and what brought you there. Keep playing and keep inspiring!

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