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There’s this site called Get Off My Internets. If you’re a blog reader, maybe you’ve heard of it. If you’re a blogger, you probably are aware of it because you’re afraid of ending up there, or already have, or maybe know someone who has, and so you checked it out, completely baffled as you scrolled through the site all the while wondering if it was a joke. If it was some sort of The Onion-esque take on the blogosphere. But it’s not. It’s real people trashing other real people. For kicks and clicks.

GOMI has every right to its little piece of earth in the ether. I’d never argue otherwise. The internet welcomes all. And yet.

GOMI was just named one of the 100 Best Sites for Women by this thing called Forbes. Maybe you’ve heard of them. And my If Emily Posted-writing brain is having a hard time wrapping my head around this. GOMI is like the social media news cycle version of those Enquirer covers with a collage of celeb cellulite. Here, read this and feel better about yourself by tearing down someone else.

I want you to read a really fabulous post by Morgan about the inclusion of GOMI on the Forbes list.

GOMI isn’t pretty. Life isn’t always pretty. But when we glorify those who spend their days ripping bloggers to shreds as one of the best places to be online, I think we need to stop and think about what we’re doing here. What has the blogosphere become?

And I would really, really like to know how the voting process for this Forbes list takes places because the description sounds a lot more like a Heathers Lunchtime Poll than the People’s Choice Awards.

If this epitomizes the “best of the best” for women online, then I don’t want to know what is defined as the worst.

Some value what Forbes has to say. Some value what GOMI has to say. I value what Morgan has to say.


8 thoughts on “Rip Her To Shreds

    1. alexandra Post author

      I just think it’s a lot of negative energy to put out into the world. And I think if FORBES is going to celebrate Mean Girls behavior it’s not only sad but devalues this community. Or, at the very least, sends a message to people that this is something to strive for.

  1. Jess

    I absolutely ADORE Morgan’s piece on it. Forbes should be ashamed…that is NOT an empowering website at all. It’s degrading and shameful.

    1. alexandra Post author

      That’s exacty why I think it’s important to discuss – and Morgan took it on beautifully. GOMI has every right to be online. But when we glorify sites that make fun of people in really cruel ways, what are we saying about ourselves? We don’t allow children to behave that way, but amongst adults we should find it something to celebrate?

  2. Sara Hawkins (@SaraFHawkins)

    I read Megan’s article yesterday and she was spot on about the crazy message Forbes is sending by including that site. I have been to the site to take screen grabs because what’s posted there is often unbelievably negative. They have a right to exist and, sadly, thousands flock there daily to enjoy the somewhat anonymous cloak of degrading other women. I’m glad there are people out there fact-checking and whatnot, but the anger and pure disgust on that site can’t be healthy. They seem to revel in other’s challenges.

    I was very disappointed by many of the site on that Forbes list, but this one in particular should not be a “must ready” for any woman seeking to enrich their lives in a positive and nurturing way.

    Thanks for tackling this, Alex. Your eloquence is appreciated.

  3. Shannon

    I didn’t finish reading the Forbes list because I was busy working. I am shocked and dismayed to learn that site was on any list–let alone Forbes . . . ? When I learned about the site I was so put off by it I’ve never been back.

    1. alexandra Post author

      I’m not quite sure about the purpose of the list. Calling it the “best sites for women” IMO would convey sites that empower, inform and entertain, but that entertainment would not include demeaning other women. GOMI has every right to exist, but I just can’t understand why Forbes wanted to promote that and the Lean In movement in the same piece. Mixed messages?


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