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Every night for the last few weeks, I would be working on a Type A project or a writing deadline and think of something I wanted to blog about. Like, how this June in January weather has me thinking rather seriously about moving somewhere with seasons. Or how I’m clueless as to how one can avoid a zombie apocalypse, but in the last month have come to possess a treasure trove of information on surviving a carpet beetle infestation. Or why that piece I wrote for BlogHer about Downton last season, has me in the same spot again. (No spoilers, but Downton I’m about ready to quit you. Only I can’t. Again.) And about that pledge I signed to not purchase any clothing or accessories for the month of January as part of a campaign for eco-awareness of textile waste that I’ve failed miserably, mostly because of the beetles. But sorting through every closet searching for beetle larvae, I learned a few things a month without shopping never would have taught me.

I’ll write about these things eventually. Or maybe I won’t. What sounds like a good story to a writer one day, can be an awful idea the next.

But at the moment, all I have time to say is that I’m happy that after the chaos of the last few months (and particularly the last few weeks) – from hand injuries to holidays to hole-making pests – today the TYPE A storefront went live.

The storefront was supposed to be up at the end of the month and it happened a little earlier that I had anticipated. And to celebrate, all orders made through the storefront or for custom work – announcements, invites, business cards – it’s all 10% off until midnight January 31st. In the storefront, use promo code AWisTYPEA.

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