No, Thank You – Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving Squirrel

First things first. Reader, I married him. (A post for another day but I couldn’t return to this corner of the blogosphere and not mention it.)

I wrote my last blog post on November 24, 2014, and I find it funny that I sit here writing the next post 365 days later. Literally. Quite a bit has happened in the last twelve months and I’ve been swimming in gratitude for some time. So, I suppose it’s fitting that I am posting this two days before Thanksgiving.

My family is far from formal but we have a thing for place cards with our parties. And as the resident calligrapher, I have been in charge of them for ages. Some people have a signature dish. I have paper goods. Here are the cards I am placing around the thirty-plus chairs at our feast this year. I thought maybe you could use them, too. Just click the link below, save the PDF, and print them on your paper of choice. I’m using white card stock but I think they’d look fabulous on kraft paper, too.

Wishing you and yours love, laughter, and leftovers (grab leftover labels in the post from a year ago today). xo A

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2 thoughts on “No, Thank You – Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

  1. Krickett Jones Halpern

    Hello Alex,This is awesome and thank you for sharing! I loved opening up this morning and thankful for you sharing your thoughts! Hope this finds you well.I (we) think of you often and miss you every time!!!!! Warmly and with gratitude,~Krickett, Bubba, Jaivin, and Sterling


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