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Leftover Labels: The Thanksgiving Edition

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. – Henry David Thoreau

Holidays are complicated. I like to simplify things a la Thoreau, or more precisely, I’d like to simplify them but haven’t quite figured out how to do so, and until then I like to simplify things for other people. Very Emma Woodhouse of me, I know.

A friend asked me to design holiday leftover labels last Christmas, which I thought was a great idea and I shared them on le blog. When I decided (yesterday) to make some again for Thanksgiving, I knew I either had time to design labels or do a photoshoot of labels but not both. So yes, the image above is a total Photoshop from last year and few would probably notice unless I pointed it out, but there you go. That’s simplifying-ish, right?

So, simply click the TYPE A Thanksgiving labels below to download and you’re all set to assemble those leftovers you send home with friends and family Thursday night. Print them on full-sheet sticker labels (for the graphics-free ones I’d opt for kraft paper ones) or use cardstock for tags on bags of leftovers. Happy care-packaging. Because the only thing better than food on Thanksgiving is that same food the very next day.

P.S. November 29th is Small Business Saturday. Whether you do the Black Friday thing or not, consider supporting a small business or two on Saturday. Small business owners, like me, would be thankful for your visit.

calligraphy thanksgiving leftover labels no color type a copy calligraphy thanksgiving leftover labels type a copy 2

CLICK FOR B+W LABELS                                                  CLICK FOR COLOR LABELS

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minted_header_logoThis post is sponsored by Minted. Any and all opinions are mine and mine alone– otherwise, I’d have to change the name of the blog. And why would I want to go and do that?

I will never have a paperless desktop. As I’ve shown before, on a good day, this is as “empty” as my desk gets. And I don’t care.

©alexandrawrote desk clutterI just added a third Russell + Hazel rolodex. And I’m on my second Day Designer because I’m making up for the mistakes of the year of going paperless by using the blank one for projects and the printed 2013 one for everyday.

And I’m currently window shopping on the Minted site, checking out their new business card collection.

My love of paper is hardly news. I can lose myself for hours in a stationer or pen store.

As a writer and calligrapher, on the daily I’m using a variety of paper stock to create – from the utilitarian to handcrafted.

Computers are fabulous, but I still edit on hard copies, send paper thank you notes and pen place cards for dinner parties. I may have even driven thirty minutes out of the way in order to get the last of the stock of a Forever stamp that was no longer being printed because I think mail can be pretty inside and out.

I began TYPE A because I adore social media, but believe we need social lives as well. And putting pen to paper or exchanging a beautiful business card – these things matter. Because it’s about connecting as people.

Contacts come from making actual contact. And an exchange of cards is just that.

(Sorry you texting digital natives, unless you’re printing up your convos, you’re missing out on the joy of finding a letter passed between desks during third period algebra twenty years later. Trust me.)

I design custom cards and invites for TYPE A, but whenever I’m asked for recommendations when I’m unavailable or for those seeking something different, Minted is my first response. Always.

Because they don’t have a cookie cutter style. Because their collections are made up of designs by indie artists, a community of collaborators. Because their art department would require a seriously long table, stretching across the globe, in order to bring their artists into one space. I love that variety.

And I adore their great paper.

Minted doesn’t have a signature look, but they do have a signature – fabulous design and beautiful paper. That makes my heart happy.

So, when Minted contacted me and asked if I’d check out their new business card collection, it was a happy day. And while I’m trying to decide what I want to order, I’m excited that I’ll be able to fuse their style with my own, by adding TYPE A calligraphy to my cards.

I can’t wait to share them once they arrive. I’m currently loving these:

minted business card ideas type a alexandra wrote

And debating happily because I’m particular and usually don’t find a ton of designs I’m drawn to, so I opt to design my own.

I’m a 20th century girl at heart. And a rolodex (or three) full of cards makes me smile. Because a great card not only tells me about the card holder, but also reminds me of inspired meetings, a wonderful moment during a conference, a chance encounter that led to great things.

I’m stepping away from the computer to do a bit of calligraphy for my Minted cards. Because as much as I love the speed and convenience of life at social media speed, calligraphy offers the perfect balance. You can’t rush it. Because ink needs time to dry.

Can’t wait to share the finished product!