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holiday leftover labels are s type a

A friend asked if I’d make her some labels to add to care packages she sends home with friends and family after Christmas Eve dinner. I thought it was a fabulous idea. For Christmas Eve and Christmas and New Year’s, too. And because she’s one of my dearest friends and most giving friends, when I mentioned sharing them here as well, she agreed the more the merrier.type a leftover cookie labels

Whether your holiday food is homemade (see cookies in reusable container) or store bought at Whole Foods (see roasted pumpkin, cranberries and arugula in takeout container), it doesn’t matter. The time spent with family and friends -eating, drinking and being merry – that’s what it’s all about, right? type a takeout semi homemade labels

You can print them on full sheet sticker paper or grab some cardstock and, using ribbon or washi tape, add them to boxes or bags. I’ve made them with and without graphics, and if you want to use a 2″ circle punch on the graphics-free version, simply scale it down to about 75% when printing. I found that worked well.

(Fine print-y things: you can use them however you’d like for personal use. Please don’t repost the files online on your own site or sell them. Enjoy! xo a)

Simply click the link below the labels you want to print, save the PDF to your desktop and print when ready! Happy, merry, TYPE A holidays. xo a

P.S. I’m hoping by next year to have perfected the pumpkin/arugula recipe – will keep you updated if you want it!

labels sans graphics HOLIDAY LEFTOVER LABELS sans GRAPHICS labels with graphics


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