alexandra wrote glitter ballet flats diamonds soles of her shoes

I’m a fourth generation Angeleno.


I was in the circus once. For a day. With unicorns. I was 8. It was magical.**

I have 11 grandparents. None are in the circus. Unless you consider Hollywood a circus, in which case I come from a circus family.

I believe you can find inspiration anywhere, but I think Slim Aarons, Noël Coward, and Diana Vreeland are a fabulous place to start.

When I was I younger, I planned on getting married in college and raising Greenwich Village babies while working on screenplays adapted from short stories I’d penned for The New Yorker.

We make plans and the gods laugh.

I’m a writer, editor and photographer living in Los Angeles. I subscribe to The New Yorker.

I write about film, fashion, fotos, food allergies, French bulldogs, freelancing – and those are just the f – words.

xo alexandra

*I still can’t figure out how they affixed the horns on the horses. Circus magic? Gorilla Glue?

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